House through time

Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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House through time

Post by chemimike »

Someone on a genealogical website has just said that, according to West Yorkshire archive service, the nexr "House through Time" will be set in Leeds

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Re: House through time

Post by mhoulden »

They also mentioned it at the end of the show and they're looking for suitable houses at the moment. Mine was built in 1939 so it might be a bit recent. I would like to know the story of what it was like moving into a newly built house 2 weeks before WWII was declared. Trying to find cushions and curtains would have been tricky.

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Re: House through time

Post by Dalehelms »

I have noticed a post somewhere suggesting that it might be The Leeds Library on Commercial Street. I have no idea if that is accurate or not.

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