An inscribed 'H' in the Crown Point Bridge stonework.

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An inscribed 'H' in the Crown Point Bridge stonework.

Postby Leodian » Wed 19 Sep, 2018 8:08 pm

While going along a Crown Point Bridge pavement on September 18 2018 I spotted a weathered inscribed 'H' on the stonework at the end of the bridge on the right going away from Leeds. The 'H' could be a mason's mark but I wonder if anyone knows or suspects what it represents? I know Crown Point Bridge had work done around 1995 but the mark seems too eroded to be related to that newish work but it may not be eroded enough to be from extremely old work. The first photo is a close-up of the 'H' and the second shows its location. There is what seems to be recent white infilling of gaps between the stone it is on and some nearby stones but I suspect that work is not connected to the 'H' work.
Inscribed'H'OnStoneworkCrownPointBridgeLeedsSept182018..jpg (153.91 KiB) Viewed 2030 times
Inscribed'H'LocationCrownPointBridgeLeedsSept182018..jpg (95.22 KiB) Viewed 2030 times
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