Kirkgate Market tales.

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Re: Kirkgate Market tales.

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Johnny39 wrote:
Mon 18 Aug, 2014 11:37 pm
Can anyone remember a bloke in the market who dressed up as a jockey together with sit-in weighing scales? He would attempt to guess your weight prior to weighing you on the scales. I'm talking about just after the war.
Responding to a couple of very old posts here...
Does anyone have any further recollections of the above man who used to have weighing scales in the market.
Can anyone remember his name and whereabouts the stall was?

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Re: Kirkgate Market tales.

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As far as i can recall the person and his scales used to be facing the old part of the Market which
burnt down. don't think he had a stall.
During the War years my dad used to take my brother and i in the Scool holidays to York
Pontefract, and Doncaster race tracks. he used to do a bit of work within the business whilst
we played football and ate our sandwiches mam had made. At York there used to be various
men selling "Tips" for the next race,They usually were dressed in jockeys silks and they
claimed to have ridden for the large trainers/ owners of the day. The most flamboyant of
the day was "Prince Monalulu" "I gotta horse" was his slogan and he dressed with feathers etcc.
Unfortunately i can't put pictures on here but i am cetain other members will be able to
do so.

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