Yorkshire Hennebique

Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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Re: Yorkshire Hennebique

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Yorkshire Hennebique had a office on the Mount in York.
The Leeds facility was on Royds lane.

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Re: Yorkshire Hennebique

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I must admit that I have never heard of Hennebique before, even though I must have passed its Leeds premises many times.
Some products are known by the names of their inventors and/or manufacturers :-Hoover , Biro , Tupperware , JCB , for example.
Hennebique could have been synonymous with reinforced concrete. Fortunately it didn't catch on. :)
It used to be said that the statue of the Black Prince had been placed in City Square , near the station, pointing South to tell all the southerners who've just got off the train to b****r off back down south!

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