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Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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Wortley High School, another 'lost' school as it was demolished last year, lol. I was there from 94-99.
Young 'uns that have no interest in the history of the place they grew up in....disgraceful.

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I had the misfortune to be a pupil at West Leeds High School for Boys from 1946 to 1951, this was after passing the 11-plus whilst at Upper Wortley School. UWS wasan excellent school with wonderful, dedicated teachers. On the first day at WLHS Iwas ' introduced ' to a thug by the name of Mr. Milverton who was to become myform-master. He ran the ACC and would often wear his uniform, complete with heavyboots , all day in the classroom. I often saw him kick out at boys who displeased him. It soon became clear that some of the older masters resented teaching scholarshipboys, as they had, up to then, taught boys whose parents could afford the fees. One such, an English master named Phillips, was standing at the end of the platform, looking out of the window across Charlie Cake Park, when he said ' that is where you boys shouldbe - out there, working '. His meaning was obvious, even to eleven-year-olds.    When I left at the end of my last day at school, I ran home as fast as my legs would carry me, putting as much distance between me and that school in the shortest time.     There, I feel much better after getting that off my chest    

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Hi lek, sorry to hear of your experiences of West Leeds. I was an 11-plus pupil at the school, from 1952 -56, having passed the exam at Lower Wortley. The masters you mention were no longer there, and I never had an inkling of the attitudes you mention. Just goes to show how quickly things can change I suppose. I found it to be an excellent school, with few bad masters and a number of really good ones.

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[quoterikj - Royal Park, left to rot.}Was left to rot for years rik but, despite brave and active pressure groups to at least retain it for community use, it was totally demolished recently and cleared away in double quick time
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St Luke's C of E Beeston, went there from 62 till 68 then went to Matthew Murray till 73. Both schools now lost, although St Luke's has a new school on the site of the old South Lodge workhouse after the old one got burnt down.

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beestonlad wrote: No, I went to Cockburn High but my mate Derek Middleton did go to Matthew Murray - left sixth form in 1973.Anyone out there go to Cockburn between 1966 and 1973 by any chance? I went to Matthew Murray in 1970 till 1976
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Welcome to the site Pete S.
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Hi Jim & Lek,I like you was fortunate to have gone to West Leeds HS 61-64.Apart from being beaten up on my first day I thoroughly enjoyed it.Some of the memorable teachers were Barnshaw (head), Ben Baldry, Stan Wilson, Bob Stead,Chunky Watts, Little Joe Rose, Mounsden (sadist), Titch Gray, Taffy Lloyd, Hirst, Kerrison, Taylor,Mat Marshal, Morgan, Norcliffe, Kerr, Daniels and "Chuck me into Charliecake" Clayborough.Good days.Jim, I also went Lower Wortley PS and got my 11+ there. The teachers there I remember were Miss Broadley, Mrs Greaves, Mrs Lawton, Mr Rundell, Mrs Rawlinson( nee Duxberry) Mr Mason and good old Arthur Cox who organised a Pace Egg Play every Easter.On one of your earlier posts you mentioned Stevenson's Farm.I was born in and spent my early years in New Blackpool and used to go on Sunday walks with my Dad to Old Farnley via the farm before the earthworks started for the Cow Close estate.What happened to Cow Close Secondary Modern?After 43 years, two months ago I visited UK and Leeds with my wife and son who wanted to see my old schools. Shock and horror-- they have both been turned into flats. Why? What next- Eton into McDonalds.Cheers,Andy

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Hi Pashy 3. You probably walked to the farm along Cow Close Road. From 1949-56 I lived at the last house but one on the right, and you will have passed there.I remember about half of the West Leeds teachers you mention, and Arthur Cox and Mrs Rollinson from Lower Wortley.

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Those of you that went to West Leeds anybody remember Harry Sharratt maths teacher and football goal keeper of great renown?
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