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Posted: Wed 14 Mar, 2012 12:04 pm
by Toughy
In the 1940/1950s there was a haberdashers/clothes shop at 29, Domestic Street, Holbeck. It was on the right hand side at the bottom of Domestic Street & was next to Low Beck & near the Unitarian Church which later became the Gainsborough Cinema. Does anyone know the name of this shop as we believe it was owned by a member of the Tipling family (a distant cousin)?

Posted: Wed 14 Mar, 2012 12:42 pm
by Si
Hi Toughy, welcome to the site.I've had a look on Leodis for this address, but the nearest I can find is this shot of 31a Domestic Street, taken in 1965.Click on the red X to view. I also typed Tipling into their search facility, but only found a bakers on Meanwood Road of that name, from 1969.            

Posted: Wed 14 Mar, 2012 12:59 pm
by uncle mick
I know you are are looking for the name of the shop. Searching the phone books for 1940's - 50's I can only find 2 "Tipling" living in LeedsClick on the red X or submit query.    

Posted: Wed 14 Mar, 2012 1:14 pm
by Si
A quick Google of Tipling Leeds brings up this on Ancestry:"I was adopted into the family of Irving and Lilian Tipling in 1936 - Morley, Yorkshire, England. Irving Tipling's father was Alfred Tipling from Beeston, Leeds, Yorkshire and he was a blacksmith by trade. Irving Tipling would have been 100 years old on March 5th this year (2000.)" Not sure if this is of any use.

Posted: Wed 14 Mar, 2012 1:18 pm
by liits
Are you sure about the number [29]? None of the Trade Directories list a number 29. Where 29 would have been was either the Gainsborough Cinema or Smith Galway’s Galway Service Station [auto and commercial vehicle repairs].The 1947 Kelly’s Directory’s closest match in the area is at No. 31 Miss Eliza Eastwood, Milliner [but it does not state if this is a commercial or residential premises. The only Tiplings named in the same directory are, as Si noted, Edwin Tipling, a Baker of Meanwood Road, also Emma Tipling of Broad Lane, Bramley. Harold Tipling, a Butcher of Stanningley Road and Lawrence Tipling, a Shop Assistant, of Halton Moor Avenue.The 1955 Barrett’s Directory does not list any Tiplings at all [but Barretts were rubbish directories]

Posted: Wed 14 Mar, 2012 1:32 pm
by Toughy
Hi everyone,Thanks for your help, in particular liits. I was only guessing at the number of the property but it looks like you have found the correct building. It must have been number 31 & the details of the milliners shop fits with my parent's memories. Now I have a name to research so thankyou. As for the other Tipling's - Edwin the baker was my great, great uncle Robert's son. If you are a rugby fan Edwin's stepson was Cec Thompson. Lawrence Tipling was the son of my great, great uncle Henry Tipling!Angie

Re: Haberdashers on Domestic Street, Holbeck

Posted: Fri 15 Mar, 2024 1:51 pm
by Mari

Edwin was my grandmother’s second husband. Her previous name was Florence Thompson. They had a bakery on Meanwood Road. I believe that when my grandmother died Edwin went to live with a sister.

Cec Thompson was my uncle and my dad was Robert. There was also Aubrey and Linda.