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Anyone remember the bowling alley in the Arndale Centre at Headingley?It was before my time, but I was working there and noticed there was a courtyard in the middle of the office block (with a pond if I remember correctly). I asked around and was told it was probably part of a bowling alley which closed in the 60's. How big was it and where actually was it? Anyone got any pictures?

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Look on the leodis.net web site..search under 'Headingley' - decade 1960s and there are a couple of exterior photos of it.

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I used to go to this bowling alley. It was 24 lanes, only 18 were open to all the public, the last six were screened off because that was where the bar was. It was at the Wood Lane end of the Arndale Centre on the first floor.At the other end, towards Grove Lane was a night club on the same floor. It later became a strip club, they tell me.
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The bowling alley was on the first floor but I can't remember how many lanes it had.It was definately operating in 1967/8. When I was a student (all those years ago) a few of us used to have a couple of wets and then go bowling. There was a special rate, I think it was 10 shillings (50p), and you could bowl all night and have a bacon & egg breakfast from about 6.00 am.Halcyon days! Michael

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I can remember the it well.Never visited it but it was a landmarkwe passed on family days out.I believe it's an estate agents now.

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