Water Tower - Moortown

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Re: Water Tower - Moortown

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Moortown water tower 520ft above sea level
Middleton water tower 481 ft above sea level
Tinshill water tower 653 ft above sea level
Garforth Cliff (technically part of Tadcaster) 330 ft above sea level

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simon2710 wrote:simong wrote: simon2710 wrote: lol better watch us back then.... >.> <.<I should imagine good ol' Menwith Hill would have something to do with it, but from research I know that Menwith Hill is just to tap into phone conversations - Generally businesses. Although that's what we think (nudge nudge, wink wink) Actually no, a large part of Menwith Hill's estate is to do with early warning systems. It appears to do some of the work that Fylingdales used to do, hence the golf balls, but also other more recent US initiatives. Yeah but even with all these public information acts and the like, we still won't know anyway - it being the most secretive base in the UK

Menwith Hill is telecoms and e-mail. Estimate is 80-90% of our phone and e-mail traffic goes through there. Early Warning is still Fylingdales.

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