Fullerton Greyhound Track

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Re: Fullerton Greyhound Track

Postby volvojack » Mon 04 Jun, 2018 7:00 pm

When i was about 17 i lived in and it was the thing Beeston to go down to the Elland Road Greyhound Meetings. from memory admission was either 1/- or 2/- and for that you got Entry and a Printed programme. we used to go in the entrance by the Heath Estate and that is where the Bookmakers would stand. "Which one and How Much" "They have all got Four Legs and a Curly Tail " (not true as most Greyhounds has straight tails) We preferred to bet on the Tote and still go home Skint. The times we have trudged back up to Town Street Beeston on a Saturday night, not a penny left and all week to go. Sat there in th e Billiard Hall vowing "Never again".

Advice Please.
I have written some more on this subject on the Previous page but have had to split it into Three as i get so far and then lose it and have to start again.

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