Travel Down to The West Country.

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Travel Down to The West Country.

Postby volvojack » Thu 28 Jun, 2018 6:50 pm

If anyone is contemplating Travelling down to the West Country. I.E. Devon or Cornwall this Summer Please take extra precautions as even normally the M.5. Motorway around Bristol And Somerset have miles and miles of queues in the Holiday breaks. Allow plenty of time on your journey and make sure you are carrying plenty of Fluids and Food. Also very important to keep your Petrol tank pretty full as the Service Stations can sometimes run out of Stocks.
Where we live in the Gloucester area the Tailbacks on the Motorway on Fridays and Sat. can sometimes be miles and miles, esp. if there has been an accident. This year, because of the intense Heat the repairs to the road surface has caused it melt, causing some vehicles to tear the surface back up again.
I do not mean to sound all Doom and Gloom but Please do be Warned and Take Care.

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