Murder in Beeston, ca. 1974?

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Re: Murder in Beeston, ca. 1974?

Postby volvojack » Fri 03 May, 2019 5:44 pm

I lived in the Barkleys and my friend and i went down to the Portakabin near the bottom of Dewsbury Road and when they took mine they immediately destroyed them but my pal Harry who only had very small fingers they seemed to take a slightly longer to do the same.
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Re: Murder in Beeston, ca. 1974?

Postby jma » Sun 05 May, 2019 11:32 am

My late brother was in Dewsbury Road CID then and as one of the fingerprinting team undertaking what was in those days a newsworthy operation, the Times newspaper illustrated its report with a pic of him taking somebody's prints.

A couple of years before this murder when I was in Plain Clothes at Dewsbury Road I investigated some allegations involving violence at what was then Parkside School IIRC and which I think is now Cockburn ie in the Southleighs behind what was once the Rex cinema. After nearly fifty years my memory is a bit vague but those involved were cautioned by what was then the newly-formed Juvenile Bureau. Some of the people involved were later involved with this crime.
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Re: Murder in Beeston, ca. 1974?

Postby tyke bhoy » Sun 05 May, 2019 12:27 pm

Yes it was Parkside and is now Cockburn for JMA's benefit.
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