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Posted: Sat 10 Mar, 2012 11:06 am
by jonleeds
I dont know about Calverley having changed much, I dont know the place that well, but it always looks like a victorian time warp whenever I've been through the place.

I guess I'll just have to go along on the day and see if I can pick up a map, on their website it said the maps could be bought online for 50p, but there was no link to a map or details of how you were meant to pay 50p online - paypal?

I cant really get to many jumble sales at the moment as I dont have a car. I can just about get to Calverley from West Park on my push iron. I cant believe how much car insurance has gone up. in 2009 I was driving a 1.8 diesel Ford Escort estate car and the insurance was £368 per year. I recently got a quote for a similar car and the cheapest insurance I could get was going to be £1757 !!!

FFS!! Thats nearly 5 X as much! That would be over £33 per week which is double what I spend on groceries! The cheapest insurance quote I could get was £1250 and that would be if I was driving a .... Fiat Cinquecento.... oh lord, how could the insurance be cheaper for driving a little death-trap like that???

Sorry to moan about it, I guess everyone is going through the same with theirs... Its just put owning and driving a car beyond my means and I hate it.