Dance Halls in Leeds

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Dance Halls in Leeds

Postby lkirkham01 » Tue 16 Feb, 2016 5:40 pm

I'd love to find out about old dance halls in Leeds that were popular in the 1950's and 1960's, particularly around the Gipton/Crossgates/Harehills/Seacroft/Roundhay areas if there were any. If anyone could shed any light on what was around those areas or let me know if people more likely went to more city central locations such as the Mecca I'd be so grateful.

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Re: Dance Halls in Leeds

Postby buffaloskinner » Tue 16 Feb, 2016 6:44 pm

Have a look at these links ... 3&start=20

also try searching on google with Secret Leeds Dancehalls
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Re: Dance Halls in Leeds

Postby iansmithofotley » Tue 16 Feb, 2016 9:37 pm

Hi lkirkham01,

There's lots of stuff on here about the Old Mecca: ... SPLAY=FULL

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Re: Dance Halls in Leeds

Postby volvojack » Wed 17 Feb, 2016 9:41 am

As well as the Shaftesbury dance hall upstairs behind the Cinema there was a "Hop" in the 1950s ,, the "Umi" behind the White Horse Pub (Y.M.C.A,) where you took your life in your hands with the Local Teddy Boys. I seem to remember there was also a Friday night one a Tailoring Factory off York Road, Heptons maybe ? this was similar to the one held in Barnbow canteen every Friday night Crossgates.

The two posts previously will give you all the information you require about City Dance Spots.

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