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weeman (User)   Posted on: 30-May-2008 15:37:20.
i walk past the memorial infront of the parish church on the way to work everyday and just wondered what happened to him? anyone know? thanks anyway
Leeds-lad (User)   Posted on: 30-May-2008 15:41:58.
1984     Sgt     John Speed             39
West Yorkshire Police
Shot dead as he confronted a man who had just shot a colleague.
Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.
Memorial - Kirkgate, Leeds

cnosni (Administrator)   Posted on: 30-May-2008 16:49:50.
This is spooky cos i was driving down Stony Rock Lane yesterday and just as i was passing the Anglers i remembered id seen the killers running past there just after it had happened.
I believe they had come up past the Woodpecker,up towards the Hope,over York Road and down through Burmantofts coming out at the Anglers club,then across to Lincoln Green i think.

Its only a distant memory,seem to remember it being a sunny day as well.
BLAKEY (User)   Posted on: 30-May-2008 17:35:57.
I was on duty behind the counter at Headingley Bus Depot when it happened, and it shocked Leeds - such things were not routine daily in those days like they seem to be now.
I may be mistaken, but wasn't the culprit that wicked Barry Prudom who later topped himself in a hostaged elderly couple's garden at Malton or Pickering as the Police marksmen closed in ??

Steve Jones (User)   Posted on: 30-May-2008 17:42:29.
Yes,it was Barry Prudom later shot dead by police (see other threads for more details on him).
electricaldave (User)   Posted on: 30-May-2008 18:58:54.
It wasn't Prudom, he did his thing over at Malton.

Richard Gricewith was the killer of PC Speed.

Gricewith was picked up following a raid on a supermarket, his gun went off under his coat just around when he was arrested, but the coat covered it all up and he died later on.

If I remember rightly, there had been a series of raids on supermarkets which had netted pretty large amount of cash and there was a special police unit set up to investigate them.

I'm also pretty sure they didn't connect him to the murder of Speed until after Gricewiths death - poice went to where he lived , a small run down farm or scrapyard somewhere in North Yorkshire, Sutton on the Forest. I also think they ended up arresting a few others, turned out that Gricewith had been doing armed robberies for a long while.

I have ridden past the place many a time when I used to cycle race - there is a 50 mile time trial route that goes through that area, and comes back to start and finish at Easingwold.

This link shows him as David Gricewith, but I am sure it was Richard.

chamusdarrach (User)   Posted on: 30-May-2008 22:11:41.
Even though I was only a youngster back then, I still remember the BBC Crimewatch reconstruction of this terrible act, I seem to recall a police car chase, when the officer asked for permission to ram the escaping car.
Every time I enter that area of Leeds, even now I still think of Mr Speed, and his family, its strange that some events stand out in your mind......
Steve Jones (User)   Posted on: 31-May-2008 17:45:13.
i stand corrected, sorry. funny how the mind plays tricks!